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About the Council

The Cuyahoga County Council is an 11-member body elected by the residents of our neighborhoods. The Council makes policy decisions for the effective functioning of County government, and is a link between government agencies and citizens. It has legislative and taxing authority for the County, and is a co-equal  branch of the County government with the executive branch. This form of government for Cuyahoga County was established in January 2011, replacing the three-member Board of County Commissioners, when the Charter form of government adopted by voters went into effect.

All Council meetings are open to the public. Citizens can also engage directly with their District representatives. 

Rules of Council

The following "Rules of the Cuyahoga County Council" are hereby adopted for the fair and orderly conduct of business by the County Council. These rules shall be posted on the County's website and shall be available as a public record.

Download a PDF of the Rules of the Cuyahoga County Council