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District 10 - Anthony T. Hairston

Anthony T. Hairston is a lifelong resident of the Collinwood Community. Mr. Hairston is a graduate of Collinwood High School, received his Business Degree from Cleveland State University, Monte Ahuja College of Business and is a candidate for his Master of Labor Relations & Human Resources at Cleveland State University.  Having been involved in local politics for over ten years, he leads by example and has long worked for positive change throughout his community.  In 2010, Councilman Hairston was featured in the Call & Post Newspaper as being “The Youngest Elected Ward Leader in the State of Ohio.”  

Mr. Hairston is committed to serving his community as a tutor, mentor and volunteer. He has earned several awards including the President’s Educational Achievement Award from former President George W. Bush and the Scholastic Achievement Resolution from Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts Earl B. Turner for his commitment to academic excellence.

Mr. Hairston’s civic experience runs deep. He has served as campaign manager for a number of elected officials. He was also a Neighborhood Team Leader for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.       

Most recently, Mr. Hairston has made a successful transition from the private sector to the great world of entrepreneurship. He is the Democratic Ward Leader, Executive Committee Member and Precinct Committeeman for Cleveland’s Ward 10. He was also appointed by Cleveland NAACP President, Hilton O. Smith, to serve as Chair of the Cleveland Branch NAACP Young Professional Committee.  Mr. Hairston’s dedication to his community and leadership has not gone unnoticed and was elected to represent Ohio as a Delegate at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. 

Mr. Hairston is chair of the Community Development Committee.

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District 10

District 10District 10, which encompasses approximately 22 square miles, includes the cities of Cleveland-Ward 8 (All); Ward 10 (All except A, B, I, K, and M), East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights, University Heights and the village of Bratenahl.  The northern boundary of the District is Lake Erie. With a 2010 population of 117,324 persons and a housing unit count of 63,253 units, the District contains 9.2% of the County’s population and 10.2% of the County’s housing units.

Quick facts about District 10:

2010 Decennial Census
  • The Census showed that in 2000 the total population of District 10 was 141,491 persons. By 2010, the District’s population had declined by 17.1%, to 117,324 persons.
  • District 10 exhibited a 2010 population density of 5,435 persons per square mile. Countywide, the population density was 2,800 persons per square mile.
  • For persons reporting one race in the 2010 Census, 36.4% were White, 60.8% were Black or African-American, 2.1% were Asian/Pacific Islander, and 0.7% were Some Other Race.
  • Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin (which can be of any race) comprised 1.6% of the population in 2010. Countywide, 4.8% of the population was comprised of persons of Hispanic or Latino origin.
  • There were 51,136 households in District 10 in 2010, 53.7% of which were family households. Countywide, 58.7% of all households were family households.
  • In 2010, 22.7% of the population in District 10 were under age 18, while 14.1% were 65 years of age or older. Countywide, 22.7% were under age 18, while 15.5% were 65 years of age or older.
  • In 2010, 80.8% of the 63,253 housing units located in District 10 were occupied. Of those occupied housing units, 25,423 units (49.7%) were owner-occupied. Countywide, 60.9% of occupied housing units were owner-occupied.

2006 - 2010 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates
  • The 2006-2010 ACS showed that of all persons who were age 25 or older, 86.3% had a high school diploma or had some additional education beyond high school, while 32.1% of those high school graduates had a bachelor’s degree or higher. Countywide, 86.4% had a high school diploma or had some additional education, while 28.2% had a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Only 13.7% of all persons who were age 25 or older had not graduated from high school. Countywide, 13.7% of all persons had not graduated from high school.
  • The median household income in District 10, at $35,847, was lower than the median income for Cuyahoga County as a whole, which was $43,603.
  • In District 10, 24.5% of all persons had incomes that were below the poverty level. Countywide, 16.4% of all persons had incomes that were below the poverty level.
  • In District 10, 28.2%, of families with children under age 18 had incomes that were below the poverty level, in comparison to the countywide rate of 19.9%.
  • In District 10, 18.2% of all persons age 65 and over had incomes that were below the poverty level, in comparison to the countywide rate of 10.9%.

Prepared by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission, January 2013

Source: New NEOCANDO, Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, MSASS, Case Western Reserve University, 2000 and 2010 Censuses, accessed 1/14/2013 and 1/24/2013, For Census information regarding Cleveland Wards, see: