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Council Districting Commission

Public Comment on Proposed Districts

The deadline for Public Comment was 7 September 2011.

The following information is provided to show residents of Cuyahoga County:

    Meeting Archive


    • Virginia Aveni
    • Thomas Bier
    • Mike Cleary
    • Martin R. Kolb
    • Kenneth C. Lumpkin  


    Per section 3.04 of the Cuyahoga County Charter, the Council Districting Commission shall, not later than one hundred twenty days following its appointment, prepare and certify to the Board of Elections of Cuyahoga County a detailed apportionment of the Council districts in accordance with the principles provided for in Section 3 of the Charter of Cuyahoga County. That apportionment shall be completed by the same date as the apportionment for the Ohio General Assembly and shall be effective for the first regular County election thereafter.


    Cuyahoga County Charter requires commission members to:  
    • be electors of the County; and
    • not hold any other public office or be an officer of a political party.