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What do the existing and proposed maps look like?


The map below shows the boundaries for Cuyahoga County’s Council district that were developed and adopted by the Cuyahoga County Districting Commission in 2011. This map may also be accessed here.


map of Council Districts


The table below lists the current office holders who have been elected to represent these districts.

Name Political Party Leadership Role Term Expires
1 Nan Baker R   2022
2 Dale Miller D   2024
3 Martin J. Sweeney D   2022
4 Scott Tuma D   2024
5 Michael J. Gallagher R   2022
6 Jack Schron R   2024
7 Yvonne M. Conwell D   2022
8 Pernel Jones, Jr. D   2024
9 Shontel Brown D   2022
10 Cheryl L. Stephens D   2024
11 Sunny M. Simon D   2022


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