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Why do Cuyahoga County’s Council districts need to be redrawn?


To ensure that residents are equally represented in their County government, Cuyahoga County must ensure that its County Council districts have substantially equal populations. Over time, however, people are born, die, and move, and as a result, the population of each County Council district can change significantly. Cuyahoga County must periodically draw new district boundaries that take into account these population changes.

Section 3.04 (2) of the Cuyahoga County Charter requires the County Council to appoint a five-member Districting Commission every ten years, immediately following each decennial Federal Census, to draw the boundaries of the County’s Council districts. Once appointed, the Commission shall prepare and certify to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections a detailed apportionment of the Council districts in accordance with the principles set forth in the Charter.