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2019 Charter Amendments

Issue 6

Issue 6 on the November 5, 2019 Ballot in Cuyahoga County amends the term, qualifications, powers, replacement, and removal provisions of the Appointed Sheriff in the Cuyahoga County Charter.

The Sheriff will continue to be appointed/reappointed by the County Executive, subject to confirmation by County Council, but the appointment will be to a four-year term staggered by two years with the term of the County Executive. If the office of the Sheriff is vacant within two years of the expiration of the term, the Executive can appoint a replacement to finish the unexpired term and serve a subsequent term.

The Charter Amendment also provides the Sheriff with the authority to appoint and direct personnel in the Sheriff’s Department and requires additional qualifications (education and experience) and required law enforcement/corrections certifications for the Sheriff.

The amendment also mandates that the Sheriff may only be removed for cause, by a resolution (introduced by either the Executive or a Member of Council) receiving at least eight votes from Council, after a public hearing where the Sheriff is given the opportunity to make their case for retaining their position and the public is given the opportunity to be heard on the issue.

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