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County Council President Dan Brady Appoints Committee Chairs for 2017-2018 Legislative Term


Cleveland, OH- County Council President Dan Brady appoints chairs of the following committees for the 2017-2018 County Council legislative term:

Standing Committee

Community Development:                                                                Councilman Anthony Hairston, District 10

Council Operations & Intergovernmental Relations:                        Vice-President Pernel Jones, Jr., District 8

Economic Development & Planning:                                                Councilman Jack Schron, District 6

Education, Environment & Sustainability:                                         Councilwoman Sunny Simon, District 11

Finance & Budgeting:                                                                       Councilman Dale Miller, District 2

Health, Human Services & Aging:                                                    Councilwoman Yvonne Conwell, District 7

Human Resources, Appointments & Equity:                                    Councilwoman Shontel Brown, District 9

Public Safety & Justice Affairs:                                                         Councilman Michael Gallagher, District 5

Public Works, Procurement & Contracting:                                      Councilman Scott Tuma, District 4

 **The full list of committee membership is attached**

Council committees provide oversight of county operations, conduct legislative review and investigation, and make recommendations on items presented to Council.

Council rules mandate that the president appoints the chair, vice-chair, and members of all standing committees no later than the second regular meeting of the legislative term following the organizational meeting.  The first committee meetings of the new term will begin the week of January 16th. Click the following link for the committee membership list.