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2013 Charter Amendment Proposals

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Issues on the November 5, 2013 Ballot

Issue 2 extends the time period allowed for Council to confirm appointments of the Executive from 30 days to 60 days and gives the Executive the ability to make interim appointments of up to 120 days in order to ensure thorough consideration of appointments while maintaining a seamless transition for vital County functions in the event of a vacancy. (Click for full text)

Issue 3
 changes the name of the Human Resource Commission to the "Personnel Review Commission" to avoid confusion with the Department of Human Resources, gives County Council sole appointing authority for Commission members to promote the appearance of fairness to employees, and creates a Charter position of Director of Human Resources, appointed by the Executive subject to approval by Council. (Click for full text)

Issue 4 clarifies that certain actions of Council, primarily related to internal operations, are not subject to the approval of the Executive (examples include Council rules, schedule of meetings, committees, staffing, contracts for Council within budgetary parameters). (Click for full text)

Issue 5 creates a single Board of Revision to fulfill requirements of Ohio law and to simplify current, confusing language establishing "one or more Boards of Revision," authorizes the Board to employ or engage persons to serve on 3-person hearing panels to hear complaints regarding property valuation, and requires the Board to establish merit qualifications for those hearing panel members. (Click for full text)

County process for considering charter amendments in 2013

Pursuant to the County Charter, commencing in September of 2012, the Executive appointed a nine-member Charter Review Commission. Between November of 2012 and July of 2013 the Commission held 26 open meetings and 4 community forums as they considered various sections of the Charter and possible amendments thereto. The Commission solicited input from stakeholders, including elected and appointed officials, Charter framers, and members of the public during their deliberative process to determine whether any would be submitted to the Cuyahoga County Council in their Charter Review Commission Final Report.

After receiving the Commission's final report, Council held hearings through August 2013 and took testimony regarding each proposal. Of the Charter Amendments initially proposed by the Commission to be considered by Council in their own public process, the above four issues were adapted and approved for inclusion on the ballot at the next general election. The voters of Cuyahoga County will determine whether the proposed changes will be incorporated into the Charter in November 2013.