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Council President New Year's letter to citizens of Cuyahoga County


To the Citizens of Cuyahoga County

December 29, 2011

As the first year of the Cuyahoga County Charter government nears completion, I want to express my gratitude to all of our residents. You chose a new form of government – and entrusted that government to the County Executive and the County Council. As President of Council, I am proud of what we have accomplished this year as a Council while working together with the County Executive.
Allow me to list a few of our achievements as your inaugural County Council:

As a separate branch of government, Council has taken its charge seriously to serve as a check and balance on the Executive branch; and we have worked hard to ensure that we are an open and accessible government for all. Highlights of this year’s efforts to fully and openly debate the County’s business include:

Every Councilmember has learned a great deal about county government in this past year. And, each of us continues to learn about the needs of our respective districts and the County as a whole. In the coming year, we hope to provide more opportunities for citizen input and accessibility. We will be acting on the charter mandated scholarship initiative and further refining aspects of the Executive’s Economic Development Plan and Fund. We intend to continue working diligently in 2012 to earn and maintain your trust. May you and your families enjoy a wonderful holiday season.


C. Ellen Connally
President of Council