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County Council to Hold Hearings on 2011 Midyear Budget Revision

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June 23, 2011

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Cuyahoga County, Ohio - Cuyahoga County Council will hold hearings beginning next week for the 2011 midyear budget revision process.   This midyear budget process will allow the County to factor in the following for 2011:

The Cuyahoga County Commissioners adopted the current budget in late 2010, and anticipated some necessary expenditures of the new Executive-Council form of government.  Six months into operations, Council is in better position to anticipate the expenses required for the charter government in its initial year.   

The Finance and Budgeting Committee and the Health, Human Services, and Aging Committee will each hold hearings.   All hearings are open to the public, with time provided for public comment.   Hearings will be held in the County Council Chambers on the first floor of the Justice Center. 

Following is the anticipated schedule:

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